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Our most popular shopping service is our Ebay store.  It has full background info and track-list on almost every release (far more than at this website), and the widest selection, with more being added regularly.  You don't need PayPal; just don't log into a PayPal account if you want to pay by credit-card.

Jungle at


We also have a Jungle storefront at Amazon, with a smaller selection but bargains to be found. Marketplace


As well as the UK we are on Amazon in Germany, France, Spain and Italy with a limited selection:,,,


For catalogue vinyl, old rarities and a different selection of CDs, there's many titles available from our shop at: 


We ship internationally from all sites. 


If you come across our ancient 'green' shop, please don't try to use it as it's way out of date and most likely the old and rare titles listed that you'll want won't be available. Interesting from a historical point of view: - Ye olde Jungle shop

Elsewhere, most of our CDs are stocked at Amazon and, and also at the following stores:

UK: Resurrection Records

UK: Plastic Head

USA: Collectors Choice

Many of our worldwide distributors operate a mail-order service; check our representative in your country in the 'Distributors' page.

Downloads and streams are readily available through eMusic, iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Nokia, Rhapsody, Spotify and around 100 other digital services.