Please note:  All our direct sales channels are currently paused, as we are moving premises and taking holidays in August. 

Orders can still be placed on ebay; but they'll get processed when we're set up again at the end of August.

We will be back!


You have shopping choices!


Our most popular shopping service is our Ebay store.  Most releases have full background info and track-listing and it has the widest selection: 

Jungle at


New - we have a direct sales outlet through Shopify.  We're selling New Releases and Pre-orders and some Record Store Day vinyl leftovers.  Over time, the selection here will get wider:

Jungle direct sale store


We also have a Jungle Records Storefront at Amazon, with a slightly smaller selection but bargains to be found: Marketplace

As well as the UK we have Storefronts on Amazon in Germany, France, Spain and Italy:


Occasionally we'll add catalogue vinyl and rarities at Discogs.  It doesn't integrate to our shipping system so nothing there presently: 

We ship internationally from all sites. 


Elsewhere, most of our CDs are stocked at Amazon,, all good retailers and in particular at the following stores:

UK: Resurrection Records (goth)

UK: Plastic Head

USA: Collectors Choice

USA: MVD  (some recent vinyl & CDs)

Many of our worldwide distributors operate their own mail-order service - check our representative in your country in the 'Distributors' page. Sometimes they'll still have items that are out-of-stock with us.


Downloads and streams are readily available through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, eMusic, Google Play, Youtube, Napster, Rhapsody and all other significant digital services.