November 2016 - we've moved for the third time in 35 years.  Research House will be turned into flats, and we got short notice to relocate.  We're just down the road in Alperton, Wembley - full details in the contact section.


What isn't featured on the front page are various vinyl reissues.  In particular, at the time of writing, the three Heartbreakers 7" singles: Chinese Rocks/Born To Lose (JUNG062), One Track Mind (JUNG063) and the very rare It's Not Enough (JUNG071).  These were each issued in three different coloured vinyls limited to 300, and flew out.  At the time of posting this, there's a few left of the third and final pressing of each - grey, red and orange respectively.  Check ebay and Facebook for the latest on our vinyl reissues.

We've moved again.  But this time, our details remain the same.  We've now got a bigger and nicer space for 2013 at Research House, after spending three years consolidating in a rather squeezed office.  Now we have room for vinyl and direct sales expansion!

No News?

Ok, sharp-eyed observers will have noticed that we haven't found time to update this 'news' page.  The news on our front page is er, front page news of course, and when there's something we want to say we tend to post things to our facebook or twitter.  So you'll be far better updated by subscribing to those news feeds:

Meanwhile, here is the latest breaking news:












Gothic Rock 4

Gothic Rock 4 – the latest in the definitive series compiled together with Mick Mercer, resurrected after 12 years.  The scene is stronger than ever, despite everyone’s dislike of that name.

In 1992 ‘Gothic Rock’, released in conjunction Mick Mercer’s book of the same name, was the first, genre-defining compilation.  It was followed by ‘Gothic Rock 2’ in 1995 which also covered new bands of that time, and ‘Gothic Rock 3’ in 1998 documenting 80’s indie chart hits.

‘Gothic Rock 4’ will be different.  It will only feature bands active now, both old masters and young turks, and over a double-CD will have no archive tracks.  (Update - this one's on hold for the moment. But not dead and buried!)


Read more info and join us here:


Well so we should, shouldn't we?  Follow our essential info and pearls of wisdom at: -

New releases in brief.

No chance to revamp the site as yet, but we should let the world know that new releases include DUCKS DELUXE 'Sidetracks & Smokers' FREUDCD105 featuring old and new tracks from Sean Tyla, Martin Belmont & co; BOYD & WAIN 'Ain't No Fairytale' AU79CD003 with Katy Boyd's amusing songs released on Goldtop; THE EDEN HOUSE have a limited edition of 300 numbered picture discs of 'Smoke & Mirrors' out, FREUDLP100P, WILKO JOHNSON's 'Barbed Wire Blues' FREUDCD026 is now available again after too many years... and some interesting projects in the pipeline of course.

Jungle's old premises captured for posterity.

We're enjoying our new art-deco existence near the Hoover Building in west London, but just before we left Old Dairy Mews in Camden we were visited by Key Production's Anna Harvey to video us.  Key started 20 years ago when we rented Karen & Anna a windowless room to do our production and offer their services to others.  You can view the short film here.

Website now transferred to a new hosting service.

We needed a few extra bits of software that our previous hosting service couldn't provide.  So we haven't been able to update the site for a few months.  We can now - but we've not yet had time to do that - because...

Jungle has moved!

There'll always be a bit of Camden in us, 21 years there has left its mark (but we also recall Islington when it was cool).  Now a new phase in Middlesex is upon us.  Details in the contact section.

Welcome to the Jungle website - v.3! 

Launched August 24 2009.  The basic content is now up, we'll be updating regularly, and adding more artist biogs, release info and a new shop shortly.

Some great new releases coming up this autumn!


- A dream meeting of All About Eve, Fields of the Nephilim, Pink Floyd, Van Morrison & Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Faith & The Muse and many more - and sounding unique. New mini-album + DVD 'The Looking Glass' on its way, along with a European tour.

PARK LANE ARCHIVES - the studio at the centre of Glasgow's 80's scene has opened its vaults: all unreleased demos by Texas, Del Amitri, Bluebells, Primal Scream, Deacon Blue, Altered Images, Gun, Hipsway, Love & Money and 13 others!!

KING KURT 'Oooh Wallah Wallah' - yes at last their debut album on CD!  And with all the early singles added, PLUS a DVD of the video promos incl. 'Destination Zululand' and much more.

MARTIN BELMONT 'The Guest List' on Goldtop. The guests are those singers he's played guitar for: Paul Carrack, Nick Lowe, Graham Parker, Carlene Carter, Sean Tyla, Geraint Watkins, Hank Wangford and others!

BRING BACK VINYL! Just in stock: Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers 'D.T.K. - Complete Live At The Speakeasy' and MC5 'Thunder Express' - 180gram hand-numbered limited editions of 500 each.

GERAINT WATKINS - 'In A Bad Mood' on the new Goltop Records label.  Your favourites' favourite artist.  Now a Deluxe version is out, with 5 extra tracks. As seen on 'Later... with Jools'.