BROKEN BONES, the seminal UK speed-metal/punk band formed by guitarist 'Bones' in 1983 when he split from DISCHARGE, have their second studio album 'F.O.A.D.' (1987) (title track: 'Fuck Off And Die'), reissued on CD.  Extra tracks from the deleted 'Bonecrusher' album, previously only issued in America, plus other rare and b-side tracks from '85-'86 make up the CD to be an essential 64-minute, 24 song collection.

Following the ground-breaking sound of Discharge, Bones separated himself from that band as they veered towards Zepp territory, but refused offers to join other bands, preferring to pursue his own vision through his own band from his Stoke-On-Trent base.  

They had success in the UK indie charts and gained a good following couple with US and European tours. Later, various USA bands such as Metallica and others have acknowledged Broken Bones as one of their prime influences.  Bones went on to sign for Music For Nations for a couple of albums into the nineties, and due to growing demand reformed Broken Bones for a new album and tour in 2002.

Catalogue no: FALL CD 041