UK Subs ‘Sub Mission’

The Best of UK SUBS 1982-1998, 2xCD
UK Subs - Submission cover
Perennial punk rockers UK SUBS seem to be constatly on a world tour.  Led by the Peter Pan of punk, Charlie Harper since their inception in 1977, the Subs have continued touring constantly, everywhere from tiny pubs to giant festivals.   This ‘BEST OF’ rounds up an productive 16 year period, and comes together with a bonus CD featuring a typical exciting live show.

32 years on, 2009 is a typical gigging around-the-world year for this most dedicated of the original punk bands, with a successful 7-week, 37 date tour of Europe followed by a month around the UK, then off to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
and many other countries.  (see link in tour-dates section.)

‘SUB MISSION’, compiled by Charlie Harper, takes the best 20 tracks from their albums F - R (albums are issued alphabetically).  And for fans, the CD includes a bonus CD with a previously unreleased live recording of the Subs in top form in Bristol 1991, with 18 of the UK Subs hits and live favourites.  

The album includes pics of all the UK Subs members over the years, sleeve-notes and track-by-track info by Steve Harnett, and a discography.  The package should retail in shops for a bargain ‘under a tenner’ for the two-CD set.

DISC 1: (Best of 1982-98)  Police State, Speak For Yourself, Self Destruct, Captain Scarlet, Thunderbird Wine, Hey Santa, Another Cuba (new version), Down On The Farm, Another Typical City, Planet I, Drag Me Down, Here Comes Alex, Ozone Death, Strangeways, DF 118, Solutions, Outside Society, Bitter & Twisted, Squat ’96, Riot
DISC 2: (Live Bristol ’91)   You Don’t Belong, She’s Not There, Saints’ n’ Sinners, Emotional Blackmail, Fear Of Girls, Down On The Farm, I Robot, New York State Police, Another Cuba, Barbie’s Dead, Police State, Warhead (excerpt), Left For Dead, Rockers, Stranglehold, Tomorrow’s Girls, C. I .D., Party In Paris.