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Fields of the Nephilim's two debut EPs - unavailable on vinyl for over 20 years, plus a bonus remixes & demos LP for the first time on vinyl - all remastered.  New notes and unseen photos by Mick Mercer. A limited edition in red vinyl for RECORD STORE DAY

This RSD album contains Fields of the Nephilim’s debut Burning the Fields EP together with their Returning to Gehenna EP, remastered and not on vinyl for over two decades, packaged in the original BTF red artwork.  The bonus disc is the first time on vinyl for 1985/86 remixes and demos, also remastered. 

The gatefold sleeve has new sleeve notes, contemporaneous interviews and unseen early photos by gothic commentator Mick Mercer.  A limited edition in a red sleeve, in transparent red vinyl.

A small amount of left-over copies are now available here.

Side 1: Burning the Fields EP – Trees Come Down, Back In Gehenna, Darkcell, Laura.
Side 2: Returning to Gehenna EP – Power, Laura (new version), Secrets, The Tower, Returning to Gehenna (new version)
Side 3: Remixes – Power (Powered Up), Secrets (Cloak & Dagger mix), The Tower (O'Higgins mix), Power (Power Surge mix)
Side 4: Demos – Dawnrazor (demo), Secrets (demo), Power (demo), Deeper (Deepest Dub)

Ltd Ed red vinyl: Cat.No FREUDLP142R UPC 5013145214213

Record Store Day April 20 2024

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