AU7945006 7INCH 225pix 9The Hillbilly Moon Explosion ‘My Love For Evermore’ feat. ‘Sparky’ Phillips 7”

A viral phenomenon reissued on vinyl, for the occasion of the very first time The Hillbilly Moon Explosion share a UK stage with Sparky Phillips and Demented Are Go.

After 23 million YouTube views, multitudes of tattoos, dozens of cover versions, eight sold-out 7” pressings, comes this NINTH vinyl version – the first in black. All spread by word of mouth, click of mouse and without radio play.

This entrancing romantic love song (murder ballad?), with guest vocalist Sparky Phillips of Demented Are Go counterpointing HME’s Emanuela Hutter, hits the sweet spot for obsessive lovers.  Order the 7" here

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion continue with their gigging schedule across eight countries this fall and have a new album planned for next year. They’ve gigged extensively – from Finland to Tunisia, Russia to the USA and most countries in the EU. They can fit right in playing the Montreux Jazz Festival or Camden’s Jazz Café but even more so at Rebellion Punk Festival and frequent psychobilly festivals across Europe.

The band – two Englishmen, a Frenchman and a Swiss/Italian chanteuse (Oliver Baroni slap bass & vocals, Duncan James guitar, Sylvain Petite drums, Emanuela Hutter vocals & guitar) – reside in Switzerland. They are one of the classiest exponents of rockabilly alive today, subtly mixing in swing, ska, country, Europop, mariachi and more without compromising their rock’n’roll roots.

‘My Love For Evermore’ was the first song with the wayward Welshman Sparky, on Buy Beg or Steal; it worked well so they made more on their following albums, and after 2016’s With Monsters & Gods released a full album The Sparky Sessions in 2019. They toured the USA that year, before lockdown took them off the road. Their widely-sourced rock'n'roll is exciting and enduring; this song is a proven earworm and a worldwide infatuation. Give it a spin below.

Hillbilly Moon Explosion & Demented Are Go co-headlined ‘Psychobilly Freakout’ New Cross, LONDON SE14 on Saturday Oct 28 - and Hillbilly Moon Explosion plan a UK tour in May 2024 followed by an appearance at Rebellion Festival, Blackpool in August 2024.

My Love For Evermore b/w Enola Gay. AU7945006. Release date: October 20 2023    Order here

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