HME 9 col vinyl discs and sleeves lo res 225pxHillbilly Moon seven-inch Explosion

Seven inch singles prove to be a hit.

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion 7" 'My Love For Evermore' is now on its seventh pressing. 

Together with the coloured vinyl limited editions of the new 'Flying High Moaning Low' and the 'Maniac Lover' EP limited editions (black one not pictured), they make a pretty picture. 

Got yours yet?



'My Love For Evermore' is a duet with Sparky Phillips from Demented Are Go, produced at Goldtop Studio. People have described it as a 'murder ballad', but the lyrics are ambiguous.

It also made a big impact on Youtube.  The video is currently on 2.7 million views (whoo - now on 5.6!) and the song inspired 20 or so cover version tributes there. (Actually now even more - there's 30 covers collected here). Not to mention the tattoo craze. Perhaps the song is becoming a global obsession...

You can find out why there's such a fuss about the track, here below: -


These are not the only 7" singles flying out the door.  Others include the most recent Heartbreakers limited coloured vinyl pressings; now nearing the end of stock.  You can check out currently available 7" vinyl at our store by clicking here:

HME 9 col vinyl discs and sleeves lo res