Mercury Rev 'Yerself Is Steam'

Mercury Rev Yerself Is Steam
Mercury Rev’s landmark debut album ‘Yerself Is Steam’ is re-issued on it’s original label Mint Films / Jungle, having been unavailable for over 3 years.

First released in 1991, the album received unanimous, adulatory praise from the UK music press - including Select Album Of The Month; Melody Maker voting it as an Album Of The Year (no. 4, below REM, Primal Scream & Neil Young, but above Nirvana’s Nevermind!) - and spent many months in the indie chart.

The band, a 5-piece from Buffalo NY led by Jonathan Donahue, had never gigged, but were persuaded to venture out live, first to a local bar in Fredonia, then here to the Mean Fiddler and to Reading Festival for their third gig. Although unpredictable and seeming forever on the edge of chaos, the gigs increased the critical acclaim. Following five UK visits the album was licensed short-term to Beggars Banquet, who were also to issue their next two albums ‘Boces’ and ‘See You On The Other Side’.

Enlisted by the Chemical Brothers to co-write ‘Psychedelic Reel’ for ‘Dig Your Own Hole’, Rev are now signed to V2 with a new album ‘Deserter’s Songs’ again giving them critical acclaim - another ‘album of the year’, ‘a masterpiece’. Touring in January and headlining the NME Premier Astoria Jan. 21st (to be filmed by Channel 4), Mercury Rev are now on course for their unique and exhilarating music to reach the masses.

What they said about ‘Yerself Is Steam’ in ’91:-

‘This quintet’s debut album is earth-shattering. Absolutely stunning’ - Vox.
‘This may have been where the last ten years have been leading… Mercury Rev soar over the heads of their forerunners’ - Album Of The Month, Select.
‘A bit like nothing you’ve heard in your life. Sprawlingly magnificent.’ - Melody Maker
‘Truly a gorgeous one. This is going to be well up on the list this year.’ - Sounds
‘It sounds great, a bold, mangled noise… a fine entrance.’ - NME
‘Retraces the time when music and drugs were celebrated as harbingers of a mind-expanding new order. The dream state of the record sticks in your memory even after you awake, and the muse behind the band’s ambitions always shines genuine and triumphant. - CMJ - cover.

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