Family Fodder ‘More Great Hits!’

Family Fodder More Great HitsA 2CD Anthology

Family Fodder are a group of musicians based around Alig Fodder, often with French singer Dominique.  They’re best known for their compelling, now-collectable UK cult indie-chart hits such as ‘Debbie Harry’, ‘Playing Golf’ and ‘Savoir Faire’, and albums ‘Monkey Banana Kitchen’, ‘Sunday Girls’ and ‘Schizophrenia Party’.  

They’ve regrouped a number of times since their initial early 80’s releases, producing an album ‘Water Shed’ on US indie Dark Beloved Cloud along with other recordings and a ‘best of’.  They’ve been covered by Unrest and Zion Train, coveted by DFA Records and hailed as ‘unsung heroes’ in The Wire and elsewhere.

‘More Great Hits!’ is a double-CD anthology, with 42 tracks covering their entire history, including alternate versions and previously unreleased tracks.

Reviewers are often effusive in their comments: -
‘A dozen shining moments turn arty abstraction into astonishingly delightful thinking man’s bubblegum.  Debbie Harry is easily one of post-punk’s best and weirdest 45s.’ – CMJ New Music News.
‘Alig can write songs.  Byrne-quality love-songs’ – New York Press.
‘Family Fodder exude an exhilarating sense that everything was possible, that there weren't any limits to imagination and humour.  The scope of their musical range remains as dizzying and exciting as it once was.’  - Time Out New York

The release coincides with a flurry of new musical activity from Alig.  He’s recorded a track for artist David Shrigley’s new ‘Worried Noodles’ album; collaborated with Domino Records’ Psapp; has a 7” out on the Berlin Tom Lab label and just out is a new mini-album ‘Baby Talk’ as ‘Idol Fodder’ with Dominique’s daughter Darlini, on Slender Means Society.  ‘More Great Hits!’ includes a brand new track ‘Hippy Chick’ (“Devon is full of them – it’s now 2nd and even 3rd generation hippy chicks”).  

Disc 1: - MORE GREAT HITS!:   1 Savoir Faire, 2 Film Music, 3 Playing Golf, 4 Darling, 5 Der Leiermann, 6 Would, 7 What Exactly?, 8 Bass Adds Bass, 9 Debbie Harry, 10 Kisses, 11 Cerf Volant, 12 English, 13 Dinosaur Sex, 14 I’m Not Yours, 15 Warm, 16 Sunday Girl, 17 Hippy Chick.  
Disc 2: - EVEN MORE GREAT HITS!:   1 Love Song, 2 Silence, 3 Fuck You Till I’m Dead, 4 Disco Purge, 5 No Fear No Sorrow, 6 Dazomo, 7 Silent Movie, 8 Desire, 9 Le Grand Mechant Loup, 10 Philosophy, 11 Heartbeats, 12 Wrong, 13 Banana, 14 Chocolate, 15 My Baby Takes Valium, 16 Avocado, 17 Naked, 18 Better Lies, 19 Sex And Violence, 20 The Big Dig, 21 No Man’s Land, 22 Disarm Completely, 23 Symbols, 24 Mine And Billy’s Head, 25 Chanson De Craonne.

FREUDCD092    Released: June 02 08


Debbie Harry

Savoire Faire

Playing Golf (With My Flesh Crawling)

Dinosaur Sex

Cold Wars