The Neurotics 'Repercussions' & 'Is Your Bathroom Breeding Bolsheviks?'

Neurotics 'Repercussions + ...Bolsheviks'
Hailing from the post-war 'new town' of Harlow, Essex, originally as the NEWTOWN NEUROTICS (Steve Drewett- guitar & vocals, Colin Dredd - bass, Simon Lomond - drums) combined their fine punk rock with strong political and personal messages. Their debut 7" singles, 'Hypocrite' (1979) and 'When The Oil Runs Out' (1980) appeared on their own No Wonder label. In 1982 their agenda became apparent with the 'Kick Out The Tories' single on the C.N.T label, followed by 'Licensing Hours'. Their debut album, 'Beggars Can Be Choosers' appeared in 1983 on Razor Records, followed by a return to their own No Wonder for the 'Suzi Is A Heartbreaker' single in 1984.

By 1985 and the release of their second album, the 7-track ‘Repercussions’, the band had developed their songwriting well beyond punk parameters, introduced a brass section (leading to them being described as ‘punk/rock/soul’), signed to Jungle and abbreviated their name to THE NEUROTICS. The following year they released the live album 'Kickstarting A Backfiring Nation' from which the 'Living With Unemployment' single, a re-working of The Members 'Solitary Confinement' made a well deserved N.M.E. ‘Single Of The Week’. In 1988 their final album 'Is Your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks' spawned the 'Never Thought' single.

Through the '80's the band became increasingly involved in the agit-pop scene of those times, regularly playing benefit concerts and festival for Anti-Apartheid, GLC, the miners and Red Wedge, often with their friend Attila The Stockbroker. Travelling together with Billy Bragg in 1987 they became one of the first western rock bands to visit (the then Eastern Bloc) East Germany, and returned there twice on their own to headline huge televised 'cultural festivals'.

Always appreciated by music commentators, they've been described as: 'Britain's best poonk band' (Mat Snow, N.M.E); 'Spirited fire 'n' spunk socialism' (Adrian Thrills, N.M.E.); 'Realistic and radical, but mercifully free of callous dogmatism' (Dave Jennings, N.M.E.); 'Probably amongst the best Punk/Rock/Soul bands in the country' (Mr Spencer, Sounds); 'Nurmero uno, joyously triumphant, they played like heroes' (Gary Bushell, Sounds); 'Great players stirring up an enjoyable riot' (Richard Cook, N.M.E); 'The Neurotics have a stunning track record, but this is their finest hour-almost the perfect pop song' (Steven Wells, N.M.E). But as the Neurotics sang in their still so relevant 1982 single: 'don't believe everything that you read in the press'; so listen and make up your own mind.

This is the first time these much sought-after two albums have been available on CD. It is released at mid-price, and includes a 12-page booklet with full lyrics and notes by Steve Lamacq..

Cat. No.: FREUD CD 007 Release Date: October 27th 2003