Fields Of The Nephilim ‘From Gehenna To Here’

Fields of the Nephilim From Gehenna To Here
FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM’s album of their first studio recordings from 1985-86 is re-released at mid-price, in both jewel-case and digipak versions. It includes the original versions of their debut Beggars’ single ‘Power’ and the 2000 remake single ‘One More Nightmare (Trees Come Down AD)’ / ‘Darkcell AD’. These are the recordings that embarked the band on a six-year odyssey, during which they became one of the most prominent and leading bands of the 80’s goth scene.

Although they split at their peak in 1991, the band’s stature remains undiminished. Last year a new version of the band headlined the first UK gig for 11 years at The Astoria, as well as a date with HIM in Finland. Major European Festival festivals are expected to follow, as well as a brand-new studio album almost completed.

This album contains tracks from 1985’s ‘Burning The Fields’ 12” EP, packaged together with their second release, the 1986 Italian-only ‘Returning To Gehenna’ 12” EP, all remastered. It is released in a regular jewel-box, a limited digi-pak version, and a vinyl LP version, by Santeria Records of Firenze in collaboration with Jungle.

Track-list: Trees Come Down, Back In Gehenna, Darkcell, Laura, Power, Laura 2, Secrets, The Tower, Returning To Gehenna. (9 tracks, running time 45 mins)

Jewel-box CD: SAN 015; Limited Digipak CD: SAN 015L Vinyl LP: SAN 015LP