Iggy Pop 'Nuggets'

a double-CD collection of exclusive unreleased songs

Iggy Pop, the undisputed Godfather of punk, has released 10 albums since the Stooges split, but he’s recorded and performed many more songs than have appeared on those albums.

For the first time, this two-CD set brings Iggy’s unreleased songs together and so could be described as his ‘lost album’ - many of the tracks are from a period in the early 80’s when Iggy disappeared from public view for a while.  With eleven Iggy Pop original compositions such as ‘Fire Engine’, ‘Modern Guy’ & ‘Love Bone’ unreleased elsewhere, a variety of interesting cover versions including ‘Family Affair’ and ‘One For My Baby’, plus a couple of Stooges tracks that didn’t get onto an album, it adds up to a very intriguing addition to the Iggy Pop catalogue.

Some of the songs were found on forgotten studio demos sessions such as together with Ministry and produced by Rik Ocasek in 1983, and again from 1985 with Sex Pistol Steve Jones.  Rare live work-outs also feature, such as two unrecorded songs from the 1977 Lust For Life tour; songs only ever premiered in the club tours of 1979-81; and the second CD finishes with some cover versions only ever performed live.

Packaged as a golden companion to the recently revamped ‘Metallic KO’ on Jungle, it has an 8-page booklet with background notes by Iggy expert Fred Guilheim.  This double-CD is attractively priced as a mid-price single album, and with the exclusive songs and interest in Iggy at a high with his new “Avenue B” album on Virgin, “Nuggets” really is El Dorado for Iggy Pop fans around the world.

Track-list: DISC 1:  Fire Engine, Warrior Tribe, Old Mule Skinner, Family Affair, Woman Dream, I Got A Right, Gimme Some Skin, Rock Action, Modern Guy, Run Like A Villain, Eat Or Be Eaten, Sixteen.  
DISC 2:  Love Bone, The Winter Of My Discontent, Puppet World, One For My Baby, Hassles, Flesh & Blood, I’m Crying, I’m Alright, You Really Got Me, Batman Theme, Louie Louie/Hang On Sloopy, No Fun/Waiting For My Man, 96 Tears.

FREUD CD074         5013145207420     March 17th 1999