Wendy James ‘Racine 2’

Wendy James Racine 2
Famous as the unforgettable blonde fronting Transvision Vamp, Wendy James has a new band – RACINE. Now Wendy is taking a fervently independent approach to creating her own music. ‘Racine 2’ is the first release to feature the band.

Transvision Vamp achieved worldwide fame 1988-93 with seven UK top 30 hits including the top 5 smashes ‘I Want Your Love’ & ‘Baby I Don’t Care’ from the Pop Art and the no. 1 Velveteen albums respectively. Sexy in videos and rebellious in interviews, Wendy was everywhere, and rose to iconic status.

After TVV, Elvis Costello wrote a solo album for her, Now Ain’t The Time For Your Tears. Thrilled by this but ultimately unsatisfied, Wendy then took a period out to learn to play and write, immersing herself in both rock’n’roll culture and hip-hop. Racine No. 1 (2004, One Little Indian) was just Wendy alone, performing, playing, producing and composing.

But now, RACINE is a 5-piece rock’n’roll band and ‘RACINE 2’ is an 11-track album – written and composed, produced and mixed by Wendy, played by the band and recorded in New York City where Wendy now resides. The album comes with an 11-track bonus album ‘Racine No. 1 Demos’, as Wendy maintains they were her authentic beginning to Racine. ‘Racine 2’ will be released throughout Europe on March 3rd 2008.

In 2007 they toured the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Holland, France, Germany, and Spain and now tour UK & Europe through March and April 2008 to coincide with the release of RACINE 2. In London they are joined by The Plastiscines and in Paris – The Teenagers. For latest gig updates check the Myspace link below.

Disc 1 – ‘RACINE 2’: Way; I'm Freaking Out; Racine; Bobby's Going Electric; You're A Good Man, Sister; There Ain't No Way – I Can't Do No Twenny In This; Oui Ou Non – A Straight Boogaloo; Stoned, Ripped and Twisted; Essex Dog; Those Leg Motherfuckers; Bitter Funny.
Disc 2 – ‘RACINE No. 1 DEMOS’: The Man; Grease Monkey; Princess Patience Blues; Hip Hop 156; W13th; Blonde Mink Mimi; Heavy Metal Dude; That's The Breaks, Junior; Cakewalk; Life Goes On; Deluxe.

Links: www.theracineworld.com www.myspace.com/theracineworld
Cat. no: FREUDCD099 Release date: 3 Mar 2008