Christian Death ‘Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ’

Christian Death Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ coverCHRISTIAN DEATH re-issue their classic, notorious 1988 album ‘Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ’, now with three extra tracks and improved packaging. It features the line-up of Valor, Gitane Demone & Kota.

The album will be remembered for the stir it and the band caused on its original release. First they were banned from a gig in a Deptford church because of their name. Then the Boston Arms cancelled the replacement gig because of their posters and IPC censored adverts in NME & Melody Maker, both featuring the album cover. The cover featured a graphic portrait of Jesus Christ with tourniquet and syringe, injecting himself. Both German and American record company licensees refused to print the sleeve.

The band claimed the picture was “a photographic sculpture of society and its contradictions of good and bad. We are not against the teachings of Christ, and in no way are we trying to promote drug use.” Some press reaction to the album was an inevitable back-lash, with NME saying “May the good Lord strike them down”, giving 1 point out of 10; but others commended it for being “seriously heavy shit - a terrifying soundtrack to the iconoclastic spirit of the age, contrasted poignantly with an almost gospel feel - quite superb” (Raw). The fans made it the best-selling Christian Death album of the last decade.

Formed in 1981 in San Francisco, Christian Death have been acknowledged as a pioneering band of the Gothic genre, often focusing on their unique view of religion. Steadfastly independent in their art and business, over the years they’ve been resident in USA, Italy, UK and Holland and have sold hundreds of thousands of albums worldwide to their cult following. The trademark was established after their early vocalist Rozz Williams started another Christian Death in the US seven years after he left the band.

In addition to the original vinyl release are the tracks ‘Tragedy’, ‘Ketserie’, and an unlisted (track 99) ‘This Is Not Blasphemy’. The CD has been re-sequenced, with the epics ‘Window Pain’ and ‘The Third Anti-Christ’ now at the end.

Cat. No: FREUD CD050